RoachKill - ready to use bait


Remove stopper from end of applicator and touch nozzle to surface: lightly depress plunger until a spot about the size of a small pea (about 5mm) is delivered. Depending on the size of the infestation between 1 and 3 spots per m2 is required initially for control. Use the higher rate when infestations are large or you have large (American) cockroaches.

Apply RoachKill where cockroaches congregate, generally in out of the way places like under appliances, under kitchen sinks, behind or beside dishwashers, under garbage bins etc...

Monitor the bait gel and replenish as required or after 3 months if cockroaches remain. If RoachKill is completely consumed increase the number of spots.

Do not apply RoachKill to surfaces that are regularly washed or wiped.

In some instances the extent of cockroach infestations may require the expertise of a professional pest manager. If an infestation is not brought under control with use of RoachKill as directed, we recommend that you seek expert advice.

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